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The three categories of equipment - tools, weapons and armor - all have base-types and instances of that base type.

Base-types[edit | edit source]

A base-type is a broad group that has the same item name, picture, base stats and special bonuses. For example, a camo helmet is an armor base-type that has a certain amount of armor, evasion and gives an extra bonus to evasion while fighting in a forest or jungle. This is the same for all camo helmets in the game.

Instances[edit | edit source]

When a piece of equipment is generated (crafted or found by a player), it will have a specific level (randomly generated but influenced and capped by the player's appropriate skill level) and quality. These two values will determine the number of modifiers to the base stats of the equipment base-type. Each modifier increases a stat (such as maximum damage, evasion points, side-drops and other special properties) and an instance of that equipment is created.

This means that every piece of equipment in Razor Trail Survivors is a unique item with properties based on its base-type but modified in many different ways. Some properties from the base-type are fixed because they're natural to that item: For example, you'll never have a shotgun with a very long range, even if you happen to get one with a high level and quality, because there are no modifiers to range in shotguns.

Instance generation diagram[edit | edit source]